Mawson House


A renovation and extension to an existing home in an inner city suburb in Canberra. 


The original brief entailed replanning the existing house and creating a new extension comprising an open plan Kitchen and Living area. The extension, to the rear of the existing house has been designed to wrap around a new central courtyard and face East to maximise morning sun.


The open plan living area creates an open and welcoming space. Natural light flows freely throughout the rooms, highlighting the natural characteristics of the brickwork and timber to help create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


From early concept sketches, a timber batten wall was conceived to act as a leading element from the Entry into the new Kitchen and Living rooms. This wall is a key feature of the project, not only defining the Kitchen and Dining area, but also concealing amenities.


In addition to the timber cladding, brick was used for the flooring and internal walls of the Kitchen and Living room extension. The brick was selected for durability and to act as a thermal mass throughout winter; absorbing morning sun and releasing it throughout the day.


The result is a beautifully crafted home that blends carefully between the existing house and new extension.