Klein Hut

Type  Private/Retreat
Location  Daylesford, VIC
Size  15m2
Year  2018

Klein. *Dutch. adjective – little, small, tiny

An ongoing study into a small escape, ‘Klein Hut’. The retreat is based on a 9 square-metre footprint. It explores a defined area of space and the various ways of maximising this. This Includes an interrogation into the relationships between inside and outside, light and shade and necessity vs accessory.

The hut has been designed as a retreat from the confines of city dwelling. It allows its inhabitants to fully immerse themselves in the surrounding environment.

Apertures have been carefully located to direct morning, day and evening light into various areas of the cabin. Materials have been selected to allow the outer skin to age sympathetically with the forest around it. 

These considerations ground the hut to the natural environment and connect its occupants to their immediate habitat.