Hawthorn House


Nestled in the heart of Hawthorn in Melbourne, this new two-storey residence is an example of refinement. The house offers a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, creating a series of tranquil and elegant spaces.


On the ground floor, an open-plan layout gracefully combines the kitchen, living, and dining areas with a private rear garden. The use of brick, both inside and out, fosters a sense of connection with the surrounding environment.


Externally, towards the front facade, black timber cladding adds an element of privacy and shelter, whilst internally, sleek black cabinetry provides a distinct contrast and a sense of sophistication.


The inspiration behind this design draws from the immediate leafy context of the area. The first floor offers a unique perspective, providing captivating views of treetops that surround the property, bringing the beauty of nature into the heart of the home.


Hawthorn house represents the perfect blend of modern aesthetics and timeless tranquility.