Type  Private/Residential
Location  Brunswick, VIC
Size  280m2
Year  2018

A renovation and extension to a double-storey brick building in Brunswick. The renovation included minor refurbishment works on the ground floor and significant replanning of the first floor.

The addition to the rear of the building includes a ground floor sunroom that is nestled into a private garden space. The first floor encloses a new master bedroom that acts as a sanctuary from the surrounding commercial properties. 

The extension is composed of a single gable-roofed box that has been ‘plugged’ onto the end of the existing building. The scale, form and materials of the extension were carefully considered to create contrast to the existing. This acts as a reference to the back-of-house additions in the immediate area.

This project represents the necessity for growing families to be able to alter and extend existing homes. This adaptability allows for various usages and change over time.