NGV Pavilion

Type  Public/Competition
Location  NGV Grollo Equiset Garden
Size  16m2
Year  2018

2018 NGV Pavilion
In collaboration with Wesley Perott

The ‘Ribbon-of-Reflection’ offers visitors an exciting place for visual exploration and contemplation. Weaving amidst the garden’s elements, the ribbon-like structure creates shielded enclaves for people to sit and pause.

Featuring two-way mirror and colour transparent acrylic panels, the pavilion’s ‘skin’ reflects the sky, self and garden. During the day it presents viewers with an altered view of each element; at night, the pavilion transforms into a transparent coloured lantern, illuminating its surrounds.

It features three enclaves; the largest enclave’s panels are angled to the sky so occupants can watch the clouds pass-by; the central enclave provides an inward looking space for self-reflection; the third enclave provides an ‘informal’ space that wraps around a feature tree and reflects the existing garden.

Three spaces provide a multitude of experiences.